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Xiaomi files patent to develop blockchain virtual characters using 'genetic sequences'

One of the world's largest mobile phone and technology companies, Xiaomi, has filed a patent application that uses blockchain technology to facilitate the production of its original digital characters. The patent, titled "Virtual Character Processing Method, Device, and Storage Media," was introduced in January 2022, but the company only recently disclosed it in China, according to Chinese app Tianyancha.

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain and its immutable properties, more and more businesses are incorporating it into their new product designs. According to the publication, the patent "can generate virtual characters with different images according to different gene sequences". Xiaomi, known for its mobile phones and other electronic devices, recently published a patent application that describes the use of blockchain technology in the process of creating virtual characters. Additionally, Xiaomi may use this technology to develop its own metaverse in the future , but no official announcement has been made. According to the filing, the characters would use this decentralized blockchain technology to maintain their gene sequences, thus protecting the unique mix from destruction. Although the patent does not specifically mention non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ), its description of the use of blockchain suggests the use of NFTs or similar technology.

No official statement has been made on the matter. Still, some people have theorized that Xiaomi may develop its own metaverse platform with these virtual characters as the main draw. However, these rumors have not yet been confirmed. If this happens, it wouldn't be the first time Xiaomi has dabbled in the world of cryptocurrencies . In 2018, the company debuted its first collection of non-fungible tokens, called Crypto Rabbits.


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