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Ukraine, Russia and Indonesia are currently leading the way in cryptocurrency adoption

According to the latest data for the 3rd quarter of this year, the analytical platform DappRadar led Ukraine, Russia and Indonesia in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. What else is mentioned in the research company's report? Popular analytics platform DappRadar recently published a quarterly report examining the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies in the world. The latest data shows that the top five countries have seen some significant changes in more than just the rankings.

In the report, DappRadar states that Ukraine, Indonesia and Russia have seen the biggest increase in cryptocurrency adoption. Here, the adoption rate increased by 143%, 115% and 88%. The United States of America still holds its dominance in cryptocurrency adoption rates. The analytical report states:

The United States remains the largest crypto and traffic has not changed since July. India continued its growth in the second position, growing by 10.40% from July to September. In September, there was an increase of 88.28% coming from Russia. Following the same pattern as Indonesia, Ukraine climbed the rankings this month to reach fifth place with 143.7%.

Cryptocurrency adoption has increased this year due to the geopolitical events happening. Thus, the adoption rate in these countries has been constantly increasing. The UK dropped to sixth place in the rankings, down more than 6%. Vietnam suffered the most in the 3rd quarter, which saw a decline of more than 49%. At the same time, it grew considerably in the previous period. In addition to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the report also shows the development of the NFT space, the activity of blockchain developers and changes in the trend of Web3 platforms.


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