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This too shall pass away

The past few weeks were pretty rough. Coronavirus turned into global pandemic, that has reached half a million cases, financial markets were in free-fall, forcing central banks slash interest rates and print money like there's no tomorrow. In the past two weeks Bitcoin dropped below $4,000 and clawed its way back up to $6,600 - $6,700 range, slipping down to $6,000 where it's hovering now. Crises always feel like they are happening for the very first time. But crises also breed opportunities. While whole travel and hospitality industries are being brought to their knees, #StayAtHome increased demand for cloud computing and collaboration tools. So, what can you do to weather the storm of the coronavirus pandemic?

Take care of yourself

Everything else can wait. Your well-being is important to your friends and family, as well as crucial in solving the pandemic. So stay safe, stay at home, and take care of yourself and people who depend on you.

Every time you feel tired of this situation, every time the fear takes over, every time you want to give up because you can't take it anymore to stay locked up at home, whenever you want go out because the others do it too,… remember it is your MUST do it! It is your duty to stay safe, to protect yourself, but above all it is your duty to protect other people! Those whose name you don't even know, right now everyone is responsible for everyone else's fate. Remember that it's your duty to do it for yourself, for your children, for those who have fallen ill, for those who have died and for those who are working 24 hours a day to try to help others! So don't give up and invest in your health to protect others too, that's the only way we'll get out.


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