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Thinking about the global situation

One of the heaviest consequences of the situation we are experiencing is that it's creating strong economic uncertainty. The slowdown in production activities will bring with it effects that will go beyond the end of the health crisis. It is clear, first of all the pandemic must be contained... but what can we do to prepare ourselves for the economic consequences that will inevitably occur? First of all, play in advance. Knowing that difficult times lie ahead, it allows us to prepare and thus reduce the risk of damage. There are some areas that we can take care of right now that we have more time for ourselves: Personal training: there are always skills that we can acquire to reduce the risk of being in difficulty. Learning a new language, improving accounting skills...each of us has gaps that can fill.

Personal growth: Understanding ourselves better, relationships with others, the things in which we are good and those in which we can improve ourselves can strengthen us and help us face the difficulties better. Strategy: we can use the time we have available to review the strategy in our work.

It happened already in the past.... great opportunities have arisen after great crises. It may be that this epidemic, however dramatic, allows us to make a qualitative leap in how we manage our lives. There are only two things you can do at this moment, right here, right now:

Succumb, or react.

The choice is up to you. Just don't be afraid to make a decision.

After all, fear is just an illusion.


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