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It seems impossible, but...

The Soviet Union, which had a large debt with Pepsi Cola, paid for a fleet of warships due to lack of liquidity; and for some time the beverage company was the sixth largest military power in the world by number of submarines. Back in time, 1959: American President Eisenhower, in an attempt to sponsor the "American way of live", organizes the American Exhibition in Moscow, and sends Vice President Nixon to present it. Among the various products, the Soviet leader Khrushchev shows that he greatly appreciates Pepsi (the above picture shows the moment of tasting in front of Nixon).

A welcome that the top of the beverage company will not forget: 13 years later Nixon is president, and paves the way for an agreement that brings Pepsi to the Soviet market. But the ruble cannot be changed on the international market. So? It was decided for an exchange with the most famous vodka, the one invented by the chemist Mendeleev, Stolichnaya. Deal done: for 17 years rivers of vodka rain on the States, rivers of Pepsi on the USSR. 1989. the world has changed. The Soviet Union, which disappears two years later, is on the bill. Hard alcohol is no longer enough to repay the drink, loved by Russian boys. Three million dollars are missing. The safe of the Soviet empire is empty. Or rather, only a huge and now outdated military arsenal remains. So the Americans get the incredible proposal: a fleet of diesel ships in exchange for Pepsi. There is no alternative, the company risks losing all the money invested. And accept. Instead of vodka, 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, a destroyer and numerous oil tankers arrive in Purchase, home of the Pepsi Cola. Months later they will be resold as scrap to be recycled to a Swedish company. But for some time Pepsi has been the sixth power in the world by number of submarines owned.


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