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The city of Fort Worth is considering bitcoin mining

As cryptocurrencies become more widespread, authorities around the world are realizing the potential that their mining could have for their communities, including the city of Fort Worth in the United States.

The city council of the 5th largest city in the US state of Texas and one of the fastest growing cities in the country is due to vote on a resolution on April 26 to accept three bitcoin mining machines from the Texas Blockchain Council industry group.

The $ 2,100 mining machines that the city would receive for free are specifically part of a six-month pilot program that Fort Worth would present as "a cryptocurrency-friendly, industry-friendly city and responsible business that contributes to the development of this evolving technology". The city government is investing real effort to get Fort Worth on the map of crypto-friendly communities, joining New York and Miami, where one of the largest bitcoin conferences recently took place.

According to data obtained from the Coin ATM Radar portal on April 26, there are currently 1,183 bitcoin ATMs in and around the city where you can buy/sell crypto.


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