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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

“Having money’s not everything, not having it is.” - Kanye West.

When you don’t have it, money can be the source of a lot of pain. It consumes your life and changes how you see the world. How much did that cost? Well, too expensive.

So while it might be true that money doesn’t buy happiness, it can solve a lot of problems. But instead of saving money without purpose, what we’re really after is to be financially free.

When you become financially free you will no longer make every decision based solely on money. You don’t take the job just for the salary. You don’t have to look at the price of your groceries.

It’s not going to happen overnight but following a simple approach to personal finance is the way to get there. Following few steps from creating your first emergency fund to opening your retirement account can help you get the tranquility to focus on other things and enjoy more the present.



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