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Personal growth: The 5 key points

Personal growth must always have a central role in our life. Life itself places us in front of experiences, positive and negative events; having an adequate awareness of ourselves, makes us better people, able to have an active role in the creation of our future and to see both positive and negative events as opportunities.

Here the 5 key points for your personal growth:

1 - Self-esteem

Getting along with ourselves, appreciating and accepting our abilities, aspirations, limitations and experiences is a source of inspiration to have confidence in ourselves. Determination and enthusiasm in what we do increase our charisma which inspires us and also engages the people around us.

2 - Body language

Body language is the set of non-verbal signals that we use every day to communicate: the expression of our face, the movement of our body, the posture we assume, communicate our emotions and meet others to interpret them unequivocally