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Finland wants to donate the seized bitcoins to Ukraine

The Finnish government would like to send part of its seized bitcoins to Ukraine. The Scandinavian country has seized nearly $ 77 million from BTC over the years.

Digital assets play a key role, as many companies, individuals and governments have sent bitcoins and altcoins to them. The latest is said to come from Finland.

In recent years, several operations against drug barons, traffickers and other criminals have been launched in the country. As a result, nearly $ 77 million in bitcoins has been seized, and the government is willing to donate part of that amount to Ukraine.

The decision on whether and how much of the seized BTC will go to Ukraine remains in the hands of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Finnish customs administration (the entity holding the seized bitcoins) has commissioned two Finnish digital asset service providers (Coinmotion and Tesseract) to act as intermediaries. The authorities plan to hand over almost 1,890 BTC to these companies, which will later sell them and send the equivalent in fiat currency to Ukraine.


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