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A guideline to saying YES

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Sometimes we say yes for the wrong reason...

Maybe we’re trying to be polite or helpful. Maybe we want to appear just professional.. Inevitably though we commit to things before we really think them through.

In order to help prevent it from happening in the future, you can create a checklist that will help you set priorities in life.

When to Say Yes Does it excite the hell out of me? Would I do this regardless of money? What will I have to give up to do this? Will it contribute beyond myself? Will I grow from this experience? Will I regret not doing it?

I don’t expect this list to be perfect for your life. But you can use it as inspiration to create a checklist of your own. Feel free to customize it according to your preferences. I wouldn't use this checklist every time. For example, if a friend needs help moving I’m not going to consult this list first.

BUT, when it comes to most opportunities, though, I might find it helpful to go item by item to make sure I am doing things for the right reason.



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