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A world war without bombs.

It seems like that. Regardless of whether it was "accidentally" caused or not (sarcastic), the new world wars of the twenty-first century will be fought this way.

The central banks continue to push users to not use cash; what a great opportunity to remove a piece of freedom from our hands.

In the meantime, the global markets are going crazy, thanks to algorithms, trading at high frequency. Fluctuations in traditional markets that vaguely remember those in the cryptocurrency space.

Meanwhile, fear grows, makes you lose your head and triggers irrational behavior.

The fear of a virus more dangerous than influenza but less lethal than Ebola and yet capable of bringing entire countries to their knees.

Maybe this virus will teach us something good.

For example, it could teach us to better understand the fear of those who run away from bombs, violence, abuse and torture.

To feel on our skin the pain of a father holding his dead son in his arms,