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6 rules to follow in the crypto space

Security in the crypto space is paramount. Being an unregulated market, this implies a greater sense of responsibility and self-awareness of threats. If you are a crypto enthusiast and you are approaching this world for the first time, consider the following six points that we are going to present, to protect yourself from potential risks:

2FA everywhere

  • Do not try to think that email and password are enough and you don’t want to spend one more second of your life typing the 2FA. Being a random number that changes continuously, it’s quite difficult and time consuming for the hacker to get it. If your phone gets hacked and the hacker is able to match your email address with your phone number, and then clone your phone, you might lose the control of your email and all the passwords and potentially the passphrase. This means the complete loss of your funds.

Be anonymous

  • Do not reveal your identity when you chat with people on the internet. Make sure to provide not enough information about you so that people won’t be able to complete “your puzzle”.

Do not trust

  • Do not trust, verify every single information and investigate on the internet about people, profiles, information, articles etc.

Different emails

  • Avoid to use just one email address for your administrative contacts, work, family, friends, bank, crypto etc. Try to use multiple email addresses to make the hacker’s life more difficult :)

Bookmark websites

  • Phishing attacks are quite frequent nowadays, and should not be taken too lightly. Make sure you save the genuine websites on your bookmark. This little step requires just few seconds.


  • VPN should be the preferred connection which allows you to appear in different locations every time you connect a pc or device on the internet. One more thing: Never use public Wi-Fi, unverified connections might put your assets in jeopardy.


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