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2022 Christmas will be the most expensive (and poorest too)

Europe is facing a winter unlike any it can remember. Apparently, the Kremlin will survive the strong dependence that Germany developed on its gas in the first place, and the whole old continent will "squeeze". It means that the high prices of not only gas (but also electricity for households) will persist. And even increase further. In the second half of the year, a number of households will also experience the fixation of much cheaper energy prices, or the end of the fixation period awaits them at the end of next year.

The predicted severe energy crisis that will hit Europe in the winter, combined with high inflation, destroys the purchasing power of households when buying gifts for the Christmas tree. All signals that this Christmas will be both the most expensive in history and, of course, also the poorest in recent years. Electricity or gas bills will be paid instead of gifts. So people will not make a mistake if they start their Christmas shopping now. In this way, they spread their Christmas shopping over a longer period of time, which allows them to avoid the pressure on their wallet during Advent and the last weeks of the year. Obviously, at the same time they should not make too expensive purchases even now, if they are not sure that they will be able to pay their energy bill in the rest of the year and at the end of next year, or respective deposits, which can still increase dramatically.

Sellers have relatively high inventories this year as a result of the fading global shipping crisis. They will probably also start the Christmas sales earlier. So think about taking the advantage of this by starting your Christmas shopping early. You can shop cheaper than in the last weeks before Christmas. Because by then inflation will have accelerated further, and sellers may no longer be so generous with discounts.


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