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KeyVAULT is custodial service package created for individuals and corporates with a minimum threshold of ฿35 worth of cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, custody is a priority. It's fundamental to ensure that you are properly securing it. Currently there are several user-friendly solutions, the most popular is the hardware wallet, which has a certain level of security. However, business needs and requirements are different. Due to their size and complexity of their organization, storing cryptocurrencies in a simple wallet behind a phrasal code and password could lead to a loss of funds, and when there are many people and large capitals involved in the organization, the usage of a hot storage increases the risks. This is why companies often look for a qualified custodian or custody technology provider in order to help them secure their digital assets.


KeyVAULT combines physical security and strict process controls that are regularly audited.

It allows you to customize your security controls and adjust user roles and permissions

to fit the organization’s workflow. Additionally, an insurance policy is offered upon agreement.

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