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KeySTART is an intensive live training program that allows anyone to obtain the necessary basics to be able to start the journey in the world of cryptocurrencies. The training is suitable for both individuals and groups of people.


The course is structured in modules for your convenience. If you feel enough confident on certain topics, you can decide to access only the modules you need.


Starting alone in the crypto sector could present various difficulties and dangers, for example a significant amount of time for research and validation of information. With KeySTART, you will get all the information and the right tools to  be able to walk on your own legs without depending  on anyone.

Given the speed with which the crypto world moves, the risk of having outdated information in a static-video course is quite high. For this reason, we believe that a live course is more effective, with a person ready to answer to all your questions. Moreover, the course can touch any important topic considered as such in that specific moment.

Here's an overview of the macro topics we touch base during the course:

  • MODULE 1 (3 hours) 

    • Basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

    • Exchanges and their functions

    • Crypto derivative products

    • How to store your cryptocurrencies with security measures at multiple levels

    • How to best filter and validate news and announcements

  • MODULE 2 (4 hours) 

    • How to trade and transact with cryptocurrencies

    • How to create a crypto-based investment portfolio

    • How to set up a strategy 

    • How to invest through trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries

    • How to keep control of funds and generate an income

  • MODULE 3 (4 hours) 

    • The Trader Mindset

    • The Investor Mindset

    • Master your psychology 

    • Risk Management

    • Money Management

  • MODULE 4 (5 hours) 

    • Fundamental analysis 

    • Technical analysis

    • On-chain analysis

    • Insights

    • Examples of operational strategies

BONUS: At the completion of the 4 modules, you'll have 3 months of Amazing Patron tier 

benefits included in the price!

Don't you know about our Patreon Membership Tiers?  Click here for more information. 


To enjoy the benefits of this service, please follow the steps indicated in the form. 

We will reply to your email address with our quote within 24 hours .

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