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KeySMART is a one-to-one consulting service that gives access to a wide range of topics.

We are prepared to help individuals, families, and all-size companies to onboard crypto.

We assist from the basics queries to the most complex ones, you just need to tell us what

you need, the rest will be up to us.

We understand the importance of your financial situation, and we treat each query equally

with the same level of accountability that sets us apart. Together we will identify the

best strategies to make solutions perform according to the market conditions.


A comprehensive consulting service which includes, but not only, the following areas: 

  • Portfolio structure analysis

    • Analyze your personal financial situation

    • Plan and develop your crypto investment strategy

    • Propose a suitable action plan and define its steps

    • Optimization and restructuring of capital in use

    • Simplification of the activities

    • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing

  • Asset protection 

    • Customized financial portfolio development

    • ​Product/Market risk assessment

    • ​Pros and Cons evaluation

    • Inheritance planning

    • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing

    • Tactical/Strategic portfolio management

    • Cost minimization

    • Tax Rate optimization

    • Cryptocurrency expert witness for litigation 

    • Debt position assessment

  • Custom topics

    • Based on challenges you might have

  • For companies

    • Cryptocurrency as Corporate Reserve Asset​

    • How to take the advantage of volatility

    • How to account crypto on company's balance sheet

    • Payment gateway

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