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KeyBOT is a series of auto-trading robots whose strategies are based on a scientific approach to the crypto market. It uses automated algorithms in order to take the advantage of market volatility, focusing on measurable market behaviors and general sentiment as well as monitoring multiple time frames of a wide range of cryptocurrencies that match predefined criteria. By applying those logics in a systematic way, KeyBOT minimizes risk and maximizes efficiency.

KeyBOT is a very high liquidity product with no lock-up that helps your portfolio be more diversified. If your risk appetite is open and you are used to price volatility, this might be the product you are looking for.

Thanks to the API computing interface, you have the option to keep your funds in your crypto exchange profile. KeyBOT will do the rest.

Currently we have 4 different configurations:

KeyBOT Blue Aquamarine



KeyBOT Red Coral


KeyBOT Green Emerald


KeyBOT Black Onyx































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